Canada Lynx: One Cool Cat


I was reviewing the first edit of my latest Saskatchewan adventure when this cool cat strode across the screen. Man, it brought back memories. How still and cold it was that morning last November (20 below)…the incredible quiet of the spruce woods (no breeze, no birds, just pounding silence)… How the little animal glided across the fresh snow on tiny paws that never seemed to touch the ground. I remember whispering to cameraman Jake, “Bobcat.” I forgot where I was for a minute. It turned out to be a lynx, the first I had ever seen in the wild.

The cat was a dusky gray, mottled with brown, good camouflage for the deep spruce habitat where it lives. The black-tipped tail and especially the black tufts on the ears were wickedly cool, and beautiful. It moved effortlessly, crouching and gliding, cat-marble eye flickering. It hunted its way to within 20 yards of our blind and turned, and I made a hand-squeak. The cat turned and padded back to us and looked one more time, then vanished into the brush. The first and probably only lynx I will ever see left my life as quickly as it had entered it.

I looked at Jake and he was smiling, having just laid down some daylight footage of the secretive and night-loving predator. I looked into the camera and said something really profound like, “You never know what you’re going to see out in the woods…” Then, “things like this go to the soul of what we do.” And then we went back to hunting for a buck.

Back at camp that night I asked Brandon and Oneill, local Canadian boys who work and hunt and live outside year-round, how many lynx they see. They see one from time to time, but they said a sighting is not all that common, especially in daytime. I got the impression that seeing a lynx walking around at noon was sort of like us seeing a bobcat on the hunt at midday here in the States. But spotting a lynx is rarer. The guys seemed really impressed that Jake got 3 minutes of lynx footage.

You’ll see that lynx footage on the Saskatchewan episode of my show Big Deer TV on Sportsman Channel later this summer.



Big Deer TV: Coyote Control!

coyote wiht fawn

How many deer do coyotes really kill and eat? Amid the great action of a predator hunt in Montana, we take a scientific look at the coyote-whitetail dynamic as these crafty predators continue to expand their range and grow in numbers. Special thanks to Dr. Grant Woods, American’s top deer scientist, for helping out with this project and contributing his expertise.

Tonight 8 and 11 PM Eastern on Sportsman Channel. Set your DVR, this is one great episode you don’t want to miss.

Wisconsin Bowhunters on Big Deer TV

If you hunt in Wisconsin you need to watch or DVR my show tonight at 8 and 11 PM Eastern Time on the Sportsman Channel. Even if you don’t hunt in Wisconsin, I hope and believe you’ll enjoy this special episode.

Below are the hunters and the giant bucks you’ll see and hear about, in order of how they appear on the show: Lisa Brunner of Buffalo County…Tom Taylor and his 226 4/8” Wedding Crasher Buck…Dusty Gerrits and his 189”archery state record typical (shot last November)…and Wayne Schumacher and his 243 6/8” archery state record non-typical. Amazing bucks and very cool stories!

lisa 2010 bow stalked buck

wi tom taylor 2010 2.jpg compressed

WI dusty bow monster 2012


All-New BIG DEER TV Tonight!

I hope you can catch this new episode tonight at 8 and 11 PM ET on Sportsman Channel (or set your DVR).

It is actually very rare to hunt somewhere for 4 days and hit the rut right, I mean just right. But that we did in South Dakota last November, and the hunting was nothing short of spectacular. Rutting deer all over the place, as you will see.

hanback SD buck 2012.jpg compresed

I shot this great old thick-bodied buck and was thrilled about that, but wait until you see the one that got away one evening as I hunted out of a ground blind. Danny Dodge had a big camera with a big lens along, and he was able to reach out to 500 yards and focus in tight on the giant. Man, what a buck, but nobody in his right mind would shoot that far. At least I would never try it.

Also be looking for the clip where a rutting buck runs smack through a covey of grouse, and they explode into the air as the buck gallops though. Danny says it’s one of the best shots he’s ever gotten on a deer hunt. It really is a sight to see and fantastic camera work.

As always thanks for your support, and I hope this episode gets everybody all fired up to hunt the rut. Heck, it’s just around the corner.