Trail Camera: Mini-Beast Buck

cam giant 10

Remember this image of “The Beast” from yesterday? I said the gentleman who has the net Booner on his camera has hit the mother lode. Well, I was wrong. Now that guy has hit the rich lode. He posted this last night:

NEW BUCK ALERT (below)… Lol… I think I will call him “Mini-Beast” since he lives on the same farm as “The Beast.”

cliff mini beast cam

Cool. From what I’m seeing early, this is going to be a good rack year, certainly better than 2013 I hope. Send me your trail-camera images to fire us up. You have my word I’ll never divulge your name or the location of the buck you’ll be hunting.


Huge Buck on Camera–Rack Still Growing!

cam jeff big buck

A follower of mine on Twitter saw the cam images we’ve been posting and sent this one:

Here’s the buck at 4:30 pm 200 yards from my back porch. Still a little over a month to grow! Been watching him grow for 3 years now. Hope it pumps other people up as much as it does me!

Yes, that rack does! Awesome buck, especially love those front stickers, lots of character. Only about 90 days till archery season opens here in VA, sooner in states with September openers. You shooting and getting ready?

Trail Cam Monday: More Blogger Images

tc monday 1

This is the best time of year to see bucks feeding in pastures and crop fields during daylight hours. A hunter/blogger from a Mid-Atlantic state is watching these small bucks on a regular basis, and is waiting for a bigger buck to show up in the area.

tc monday 2

A longtime hunter/blogger sent this good-looking buck over the weekend with the message: Somewhere in Wisconsin…

Send me your images, the racks are growing fast and the season will be here before we know it!

Trail Cam: Huge Drop-Tine Buck Growing!

cam drop 2

A hunter has this drop-tine giant, my dream buck, coming to his mineral station. I hope this buck hangs around for another month and lets the guy get more pictures because I want to see what this stud looks like with a fully developed rack.

trail cam drop 1

If the sight of that big boy, and the uncertainty and anticipation of what lurks in your woods, is not enough to get you fired up for this fall I don’t know what is.

Good luck to the hunter who sent these awesome pictures. Send me your cam shots for all to enjoy, I’ll never reveal your name or location.

First Trail Camera Buck 2014!

cam first 2014

One of our bloggers who shall remain anonymous sent us the first good buck of 2014. This buck’s antlers might grow 1/8” to 1/2” per day for the next 2 months, until the rack is fully developed in early to mid-August. Those brow tines will be killer.

Nothing fires us up more and seems to make the season get here a little quicker than looking at trail-camera images from around the country. Email me your pictures to share. As always I’ll never publish your name and certainly not the state/area where your cam bucks are living. That’s your secret and I’d never blow your cover.