Trail Camera Photos: Big Bucks in Daylight!

trail camera monster mitch 1

Mitch on Facebook says: My top hit-lister “Zeus” is starting to show up during daylight… I know he is 6.5 based on history with him. I hope this is the year we get to bring him home in the truck!

Nathan emailed the unique buck below and said: Mike, love your show and website. My buddy and I picked up a new lease and had this big guy show up on camera. We call him Dagger! Is it unusual for a mature buck to show up in daylight this time of the year?

In dagger trail camera buck 2

IN dagger trail camera buck 3

It is not unheard of for bucks like these to be visible in daylight in August. Some bucks are simply not as nocturnal as others. I told Nathan that he needs to hunt Dagger asap when his bow season opens. The later we progress into fall and toward the rut, and the more a buck feels the first hint of human pressure, the more likely he is to go nocturnal overnight.

Great bucks boys, good luck!

Trail-Camera Monday

danny 1

From our friend Danny: It’s a little hard to see him, but the deer on the right has earned the name “Junior.”  I haven’t gotten a close-up picture of him in about 3 weeks.  The last clear pic I got, I was able to study his rack pretty good.  By everything I can tell he has Spike’s genes (hence Junior). Right now he is a main-frame 9 with a kicker off the right brow tine (same as Spike had). I believe he is 3 years old. It’s going to be hard to pass him up if he walks by. But, I know what he could potentially turn into next year.

danny 2

Pic #2 from Danny: This is what “The Freak” has become.  He and Junior are in the same bachelor group of 8 bucks. I won’t have any trouble letting an arrow loose on this guy. Very unique.  I think he has 12 points in that mess.

no good buck tommy

Tommy sent me image #3 on Twitter with the message: Pretty good buck for NC…3 weeks till bow season!

Send us your buck pictures.

UPDATE: Big Freak Buck on Camera

big freak updateHere’s an update on the biggest and coolest buck I’ve seen growing in the summer of 2015.

The hunter reports: So a storm blew over the tree this wireless camera is on, but you can still see he’s put on some serious growth since the last picture I had of him a month ago.

This deer has a relatively large body, but his antlers actually make his body look small.

The sleepless nights have already begun….

I wrote the hunter back and told him good luck, he is about to hunt the buck of a lifetime. He responded:

I’ve never seen anything like him before, and probably never will again. I would just love to see this deer in person! He’s amazing! I’ll send you more pics as they come in.

We look forward to it.

Summer Trail-Camera Tips

Treesh IN buck summer 2008A lot of hunters have had their cameras out for weeks or months, but right now is when I like to start my annual big-buck recon in earnest. In mid-July the bucks’ velvet antlers are well up and growing full bore; if you see or get an image of a big one, you’ll immediately know it. The bucks haven’t been hunted, or even disturbed by a man in their woods, for 7 months, so they are laid back and “camera ready.”

It’s just like hunting. The first time you sit in a tree stand—or the first time you set a cam—is the best time to shoot a big deer, or get an image of a giant like the one pictured here.

Saturday my friend Jack and I hung a Plotwatcher Pro time-lapse video camera on a one-acre alfalfa plot hidden back in the timber. We moved on and set 5 more cameras on other plots but not looking into them. Rather, we set these cams 20 to 40 yards back in the cover that rimmed the edges, over old mineral licks and/or near well-used deer trails. Secluded, thick pockets and bottlenecks like this are where you’re apt to get your first images of a big velvet buck working the area.

One more tip. Say you spot a shooter in a field or plot and/or get some images of him, and say there’s a riverbed or creek within a half-mile or so. Sneak into that water source and set a secondary camera or two on a deer trail with fresh tracks. As summer deepens, mature bucks spend a lot of time hanging out near cool, running water. Even in this summer of rain they will do it, because it is shady and a jungle of cover in there. If you get lucky and set your cams in the right spot, you can find out not only where the big deer is feeding , but also where he’s bedding by the water.

Send me your cam pictures to post.