Clinton’s Dismissive Anti-Hunting Remarks Offend All Sportsmen


Hillary Clinton was interrupted by a few animal rights protesters at a rally in Las Vegas last week. Secret Service agents rushed to her aid and the incident was diffused.

Clinton then joked that the kooky activists must have been there to protest Donald Trump. “Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals,” she said. “Thank you for making that point.”

Hillary proceeded to screech that grating laugh, and the fawning crowd cheered wildly.

Well, I did not cheer when I heard those remarks on the radio. In 16 words, Hillary unabashedly trashed America’s 13 million hunters.

Not only were the remarks offensive and disrespectful to all sportsmen, in the literal sense “Trump and his kids” have shot a lot of game is just not true.  While Donald Jr. is a proud hunter and one of us—“If I could only choose one (type of hunting) I would have to say bowhunting for whitetails,” he said recently—I do not believe Eric, Ivanka and the others hunt and kill animals.

The only thing that matters is what the candidate says and does. While Donald Trump Sr. has stated openly that he does not hunt, he is on the record as saying that a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Director he appoints would “ideally be a hunter” and under his watch “there would be no sale of public Western lands.” Those are substantive pro-hunting positions.

Not surprisingly Hillary’s comments, which dripped with sarcasm, are reflective of what the Washington Elites think of us and our lifestyle. They laugh and smirk and dismiss us as a bunch of ignorant, gun-toting rednecks “that kill a lot of animals.”

Does Hillary realize, or care, that America’s hunters and fishermen fund nearly 75% of the annual income for all 50 state conservation agencies? Does she know, or care, that through license fees and excise taxes on firearms and gear, sportsmen contribute $200 million per year for wildlife conservation?

While I remain offended by Hillary Clinton’s dismissive anti-hunting remarks, as a gun-toting redneck that kills a lot of animals I am used to that type of talk.

The only thing that matters is that this presidential election will be the most important one ever regarding the Second Amendment. While hard to believe, Hillary is farther left than Obama on our right to own and carry firearms.

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, on guns and hunting the choice is clear.

9 thoughts on “Clinton’s Dismissive Anti-Hunting Remarks Offend All Sportsmen

  1. every word she utters is BS. man i hope the people of this country can pull it together and vote Trump in November.


  3. Mike,

    I get where you are going but on a forum such as this you’re “preaching to the choir”.

    If Trump really wants to win, he has to quit sticking his foot in his mouth, learn something about the issues and show that he can not only take on Hillary Clinton during the debates, but beat her.

    If he continues along the path he’s been on and gets crushed by Hillary, he (and all sportsman and women) are going to find out just how “HUGE” an election this really was and how the Supreme Court nominations Hillary makes will alter this country in ways that we will never be able to be change.

  4. Funny how Hitlery condemns the Trump camp for allegedly killing so many animals, but I wonder how many millions of BABY HUMANS her camp is responsible for butchering in the womb? I’m not worried about January so much right now, but I am worried about what Obama will do from Nov-Jan 19 if Trump pulls off a miracle. Hunting rights are the least of my concerns right now-it’s about the preservation of the Republic at this point. What we sow, we will surely reap….

  5. Never Hillary (the thought just makes me want to vomit)! But Trump is not helping himself. We need a miracle to happen in Nov.

  6. Hillary should be in jail by now, what a shame our government works like it does. The political elite are able to break laws that me and you would go to jail for, makes my stomach turn. Trump 2016.

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