Trail-Camera Tuesday, July 2017

va split brow

This buck just showed up on a VA farm I hunt, don’t know what spooked him. Big split brow on left!


Heavy VA buck going through that same little gap between 2 cornfields–one of best setups for a camera–gonna be a 9-pointer.

good spartan compressed

Martin sent this top-quality image from his Spartan camera. I have begun using these cameras exclusively this summer, and am impressed, especially with the Spartan Go Cam (powered by Verizon in my case) which sends images to an app on my phone. Look for these cameras and images on BIG DEER TV.

spartan big VA buck

From one of my Spartan cameras in a secret spot, see if you can make out that buck coming in from 12 o’clock. He looks and acts like an old deer.

MI big 8

Longtime blogger Scott has his eye, and camera, on a nice 8 with great brows.

zach 10 pt

My friends Zach and Ellie have only pulled one card so far, but they are seeing some great bucks, including this pretty 10.

Setting up to be a good year from what I’m seeing! Send me you cam pictures to post, I’ll never give away your location. Your secret buck is safe with me.






One thought on “Trail-Camera Tuesday, July 2017

  1. Some solid bucks right there. Man that one at noon at the secret spot looks to be 24-26″ wide and nice tine length. Been looking at those spartan cams recently. When I’m up for a new one I might pic one up. I have a great spot I would like to place a camera but wouldn’t want to go in and check it as it’s on the edge of a bedding area. That’s why I haven’t put one there yet. This would be a good option to place one and check the photos over computer or smart phone

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