New CWD Test For Deer Urine

buck scrape dripper.jpg compressWildlife Research Center and Tink’s have partnered with CWD Evolution to fund a study on a testing protocol known as RT-QuIC, which is designed to examine deer urine for CWD contamination. This will allow manufacturers of deer and elk scents to test and verify that no CWD is detected in the urine used in their products.

According to Phil Robinson of Tink’s, “We sought out the most recognized authorities regarding CWD transmission via urine to get their opinion. We are 100% confident that our products pose no risk of spreading CWD. This test is just a confirmation of that fact.”

“Our industry is committed to the health of wild cervids and the sport of hunting,” adds Sam Burgeson of Wildlife Research Center (WRC). “This is a break-through for our industry and for all the loyal hunters that use our products.” 

Tink’s and WRC have already begun testing urine in 2019 and other companies will soon follow. Beginning in 2020, bottles of WRC and Tink’s scent will carry the “RT-QuIC Tested” logo on their labels for easy identification.

For the upcoming 2019 deer season check your hunting regulations regarding scents. While you can still carry and use deer urine in most places, 9 states require the use of synthetic scents. Both Wildlife Research Center and Tink’s offer urine-based and synthetic lures. 


3 thoughts on “New CWD Test For Deer Urine

  1. I think this is a great idea. And, while it will end up costing the companies (perhaps significantly??), it is peace of mind and will, most likely, allow them to continue selling their products. Also, it may cause states that are currently considering the ban of real urines (or products that are made with real urines) to pause. I personally don’t think that these urines would ever cause CWD outbreaks. In fact, here is a great article that I was looking at just the other day. This is a great (a must, actually) read. I have never been adequately sold on the severity of CWD as a potential “armageddon” for our sport, etc.
    Happy Hunting Y’All!

  2. BTW, the very last line in that article is a direct quote from Dr. Laura Manuelidis of Yale, and is the official “Quote of the Day”….

    “Scientific truth, however, is not determined by popular vote or decree.”

  3. Very interesting. Proves that existing thought can and does affect future investigations without regard to always entering into scientific study as if no other studies have begun or completed.

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