Trail Cam Bucks!

More and more pictures are rolling in. Send any you get, they get us all fired up for hunting season. I’ll never reveal the location.—M.H.

This is a nice Southside VA 10-pointer. Love our VA bucks!

cams VA

Louis got this awesome, incredibly sharp shot of a pair of shooters.

cams louis

Bob sent two. The doe and fawns are a beautiful work of nature.

cams bob 1

Bob named this buck “Crowbar” and hopes to get a crack at him soon.

cams bob 2 crowbar

4 thoughts on “Trail Cam Bucks!

  1. Cool bucks Mike. Where are you hunting this fall? What’s the line up? Great shows every week for Big Deer TV. I’m heading up with some Green Lake boys to Goodsoil week of 11/4. Trip #4! Can’t wait! When are you going?

  2. Crowbar is one Cool looking buck! Can’t wait for next Friday in AZ the season opens for deer on the 23rd. Hoping to shoot my first coues or muley and do it with my bow. This August 23rd season opener is the earliest season for deer I know of, but I was wandering if deer season starts earlier anywhere else in the U.S. Mike?

  3. Cool, thanks David. Now that I think about it I recall a hunting show where they were hunting velvet bucks down there in SC, if I remember right it was with a muzzleloader too which is strange that it would come before bow season.

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