Bowhunter’s Birthday Cake

buck bday cake

This cake has been flying around Facebook and Twitter for a while now, and I think it’s pretty cool. Only one issue:¬†Arrow placement is a little far back (liver shot if you’re lucky). The arrow should be moved left and down a few inches, tucked into the boiler room behind the front leg :)

7 thoughts on “Bowhunter’s Birthday Cake

  1. I’m sure the cake decorator was figuring in the quartering-away shot at typical tree stand height….. :)

  2. The tongue is hanging out looks like it did the job, I bet none of that deer went to waste. Hey Mike are you going to have the rut blog again this year?

    • Yes, Big Deer Rut Report is up and running, look beside the running deer on the home page and click Rut Report!

  3. haha I was thinking the same thing about the arrow placement before I read the text. To funny! Rut Report is cool but I really thought the forum was better. It lets you post your pics and look at other guys successes and posts on hunting related items. Seemed like the rut report (as much as I liked it) attracted to many A holes, liars, & shit talking.

  4. Looks like we got a poacher in the kitchen Haha Mr. Hanback i got some really good trail camera pictures from here in Nc i would like to show, how do i go about doing that.

  5. Mr. Hanback,
    Please bring back the forum! That was my favorite part. We could all communicate, share stories & pics. The old forum ruled!

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