Creep Photo: Snakes Standing Up!

missisippi rattlers

Just in time for turkey season I ran across this blog with a series of creepy, horrible rattlesnake pictures. I guess they are rattlers, but I am not for sure…I have never gotten that close to one, dead or alive, thank God. Plus, I think they are Mississippi snakes, and they have giant rattlers down there.

The snakes standing up freaked me out. I envision those evil things seeing me down through the woods and charging forward, slithering and dancing, and if that happened I’d have the big one and for sure be done.

I don’t know squat about snakes, and don’t want to, but I texted my buddy Sarge, who has done a lot of spring habitat work in the South and who has seen and killed a lot of snakes.

“Do snakes stand up like this, what they doing?”

Sarge: “They are making babies.”

I am more freaked out now. Who hates a snake as much as me?

6 thoughts on “Creep Photo: Snakes Standing Up!

  1. I won’t lie, I am terrified of snakes. My worst experience… Elk hunting in South West New Mexico in early September 2004. When we arrived at camp it was 90 degrees. The first question I asked the outfitter was about snakes. He promised me that no one had ever seen a snake in that area. Well, walking out of a canyon by moon light on the first night, I was lucky enough to step on a rattler. Lucky for me I had on tall leather boots and it didn’t bite through the leather. To this day the outfitter will send me an email every fall and remind me about the night that he saw a 24 year old “tough guy” run 100 mph, screaming like a girl. He doesn’t understand why I haven’t come back. It was by far the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I still have nightmares from time to time about it. I asked him what he would have done if the snake had bit through the boot. His answer, “Closest hospital was a 4 hour drive, so we probably would have had to shoot you”.

  2. My shotgun loves ‘em.So does my .22 squirrel rifle, my slug gun, my goose gun, my camp axe……….

  3. The diamondback rattlesnakes are in the mating ritual. Pretty ones too, Mike. Ha Ha

    Hey they do not stalk like this BUT the African Black Mamba does spot and stalk. I have seen pix of a mamba with the body high enough to peer above the grass in Africa while slowly coming towards a campsight. They are big enough to rise up above what appears to be 3-4 foot high grass, so the body has to be long enough to support that. The bite is deadly too…………..Also seen pix of them in a tent when hunters returned to the camp after the hunt on the plains of Africa.
    I don’t mind snakes in general, but one stalking you IS another matter.

    • African snakes are in a league of their own Mack lol I would hate to live in a country that has 50% of the worlds most venomous snakes. Australia has a bunch of deadly snakes too.

  4. Man do those things creep me out. I hate most snakes even if they are the good kind they still put my nerves on edge. When I was younger in Mississippi we had a 6.5 ft rattlesnake in our shed sitting up on one of the high shelves, it tried to strike my dad when he walked in the shed but missed and I remember him killing it with a shovel..I doubt I’ll ever forget that rattlesnake getting loud and aggressive when he pulled him down and killed it.

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