Big Deer TV

Season 12 of Big Deer TV begins airing July 2023 exclusively on Sportsman Channel

Mike Hanback and Sportsman Channel team up to bring you the hit original television series, Big Deer TV with Mike Hanback.

Everything that is good and real and honest in the hunting world is what Big Deer TV is all about. Hanback and crew hunt for wild deer across North America, using a variety of tactics, from tree stands to blinds to stalking and rattling.  Viewers can expect stunning scenery, top-level videography and heart-pounding action on every fair-chase hunt. The series focuses on whitetail deer, with hunts for mule deer, elk, blacktails and other big game mixed in.

BIG DEER TV is not all about big racks, far from it. Hanback is known and respected by millions of American hunters as a regular, down-to-earth guy who appreciates all that deer country has to offer – the sights, smells and sunrises…the camaraderie of hunting with friends, old and new…connecting with U.S. military veterans and hard-working deer hunters across the U.S. and sharing their stories. It is all a part of the Big Deer experience.

The highly rated Big Deer TV has been awarded 3 coveted Telly Awards for cable-television excellence. “We have a very talented group of producers, writers, videographers and editors and these awards are especially gratifying,” said Mike Hanback, creator, host and executive producer of Big Deer TV. “These awards are testament to their hard work and commitment to make Big Deer TV a top-level hunting show.”

Season 12 of BIG DEER TV begins airing July 2021 exclusively on Sportsman Channel. Big Deer
TV sponsors include TrijiconWildlife Research Center,CZ-USA and Hornady.