16 08, 2022

3 Facts About Buck Bachelor Groups

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Buck Group Size: Two to 4 to 8 bucks hanging out together is typical in mid-August, but I have seen as many as 10 velvet-racked bucks in a late-summer group. Knowing how much I love to watch and study bachelor clubs, hunters from all over have emailed me with reports and pictures of 12 to 15 or more bucks feeding and posturing together in a field. Last year, a guy from Maryland reported seeing 30 different bucks in a soybean field most every night! Truth is, these mega-groups are rare. Big numbers of bucks are actually 2, 3 or more different bachelor groups that happen to come together and loosely comingle. Summer groups are comprised of bucks of all ages, [...]

14 08, 2022

Best Knives For Deer Hunting

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If you haven’t tried a fixed-blade knife with a gut-hook, you should this season. Roll a buck or doe onto its back and use the knife point to make a small incision in the white hair and abdominal wall of the lower belly. Turn the knife over, insert the sharp hook into the slit and zipper the animal open up to the sternum. With a hook, there’s no exposed knife tip to pierce a deer’s paunch and make a mess, or clip your finger. Be careful and wear rubber gloves. Once you’ve finished the incision and rolled the big bubble of innards out of a deer, you can put leverage on a sturdy fixed knife, which is typically 8 inches [...]

10 08, 2022

Shoot A Big Buck On Opening Day

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The first days of your bow season in September or October are second only to the November rut for best time to kill a big deer. Right now, the bucks have not been pressured for a year; they’re using small home ranges; and they’re walking predictable bed-to-feed patterns. A gnarly 8- or 10-pointer might be in your future if bowhunt hard and smart in a few weeks. Food is the Key Hang a couple of tree stands on the edge of alfalfa, corn or beans where you’ve been seeing some bucks come to pig out the past few weeks. You have been scouting and glassing right? If not, get out there. You’ve still got time. Watch a field from several [...]

8 08, 2022

How Much Do Deer Antlers Grow In August?

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In early August velvet deer antlers begin to morph from soft and pliable to hardened bone. “A buck’s antlers will change from looking swollen or bulbous at the tips of the tines to a more normal diameter,” Missouri biologist Grant Woods told me. “Once this change in appearance occurs the buck won’t add much beam or tine growth.” By mid-August most of the antler growth for the year is done. Sometime between September 1 and 15 bucks will shed velvet in most areas. The cue for antler hardening and velvet shedding is the change in photoperiod caused by decreasing daylight and increasing darkness, which results in a significant increase in the bucks’ testosterone. Velvet shedding typically takes only a couple [...]

3 08, 2022

Study: Human Voice Spooks Deer More Than Predators

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I always cringe when I go into the woods to scout or hang a tree stand or whatever, and a person with me talks and jabbers and laughs away. I look over and give them the Shhh! signal. If they keep jabbering, I give them the Shut the H_ up! Turns out I’m right. A new study conducted in Georgia found that the sound of a human talking in the woods strikes greater fear in whitetails than other predator sounds. During the project, deer were almost twice as likely to flee from the sound of a human voice than from the barking of dogs or even the calls of meat-eating wolves, coyotes and cougars! Click here to read more about [...]

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