13 05, 2022

How To Plan The Best Outfitted Big Game Hunt

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Hunting big deer up in Saskatchewan one time, I met a guy, let’s call him Mark, from Maryland. “Heard you got your buck,” I said, “Congrats.” “Yeah, a small one,” Mark replied. “I couldn’t take it anymore. I’d sat in that blind for 3 straight days, 9 hours a day. I was going crazy. I don’t like that kind of hunting. I said what the hell and shot this buck, just to shoot something." I peeked into the bed of his guide’s truck. Up there in the land of giant deer, where a 140-class buck is marginal and a 160 is very possible if you put in your time and get lucky, my new friend had shot a yearling 8-pointer [...]

5 05, 2022

Look For Small Public Lands To Kill Big Bucks 

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One November I spent a week hunting on a private ranch out near Sheridan, Wyoming. Every day we sat on ridges, glassed the crops and creeks below, and spotted 30 to 50 whitetails. There were plenty of bucks, with racks ranging from 120 to 140 inches. What made the hunting totally cool as I waited for the buck I wanted to shoot was the fact that we were able to glass 20 to 30 muleys, 6 to 10 elk, and huge bands of pronghorns too. One morning as we drove to our spot I spotted a pickup on the side of the road. “Who’s that?” I asked Herb, the landowner. “There’s a small piece of state land in there that [...]

28 04, 2022

Black Bear Guns & Loads

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Years ago out in Idaho, I shot this heavy old chocolate bear that piled into an alder tangle, rolled around, popped his teeth, and roared for three minutes that seemed like three hours. I looked back and saw my buddy and guide running for the hills! Another time on a stalk in Canada, I aimed and hit a giant boar that waddled across a hillside above me. Before I could scram he was coming straight at me, rolling and flipping down the slope like a VW bug going off a cliff. I recovered both those animals, and turned out the shots had been fine, smack in the boiler room where I aimed. I think about those knee-buckling events every spring [...]

18 10, 2021

Deer Gun Hunting: 8 Tips To Make One Shot Count

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When a deer is quartering away from you, aim for the heart/lung vitals behind the shoulder you can see, then slide the scope’s crosshair back, pin it on the ribs and press the trigger. The harder a buck is quartering away, the farther back you aim on the ribcage—6 inches to 8 inches to even a foot. The physics is for the bullet to punch through the deer’s ribs, angle forward through the lungs/heart and either lodge in the opposite side front shoulder or exit it. Think out a shot before it happens. Say you’re stalking on a ridge: What if a buck jumps out of that draw? Which way will he run? Is it 150 or 200 yards across [...]

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