5 04, 2021

2021 Pennsylvania Deer Harvest Tops 400,000

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HARRISBURG, PA - Pennsylvania hunters took an estimated 435,180 deer in the 2020-21 hunting seasons, the Pennsylvania Game Commission reported today. The 2020-21 estimated harvest topped the previous license year’s harvest of 389,431 by about 12 percent. Since 1993, Pennsylvania hunters have harvested more than 400,000 deer in a license year 10 times. The statewide buck harvest -- 174,780 – set a new record in the antler restrictions era. The buck harvest also increased 7 percent over the previous license year’s buck harvest of 163,240. “About a quarter of the state’s deer hunters took a buck in the 2020-21 deer seasons,” noted David Stainbrook, the Game Commission’s Deer and Elk Section supervisor. “It’s a trend that hunters have maintained over the [...]

29 03, 2021

Year Of COVID: 2020 Deer Harvest Up Across U.S.

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A 5% increase in new deer hunters plus more time in the woods for longtime hunters led to increased whitetail harvests in many states. Maine: Some 33,157 deer were tagged, the highest total in 18 years. Wisconsin: Hunters registered 188,712 deer during the 9-day gun season, up 16% from 2019. The number of bucks harvested was 85,340, compared to 75,236 last year. Arkansas: The state reported an increase in license sales and a record-breaking harvest. Hunters checked more deer than any season since 1938, with a reported 214,022 animals and counting. Oklahoma: All-time record license sales led to a preliminary 2020 harvest exceeding 120,000 deer. Virginia: Hunters harvested 208,131 animals, up less than 1% from the 206,976 deer taken last year. West Virginia: [...]

8 03, 2021

New Lyme Disease Vaccine!

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Big news for hunters, fishers, hikers and all outdoorsmen! From Field & Stream.com: A Massachusetts doctor may have discovered a shot that will prevent Lyme disease in humans. The drug received federal approval from the Food and Drug Administration to be tested on people at the end of 2020. The Phase 1 clinical trial on 66 human subjects began last week. If effective, the shot will be available in the Spring of 2023. Click here for the details. 

12 01, 2021

Amid Pandemic, 3 Million More Hunters Take To The Woods

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Several times over the last 9 months I blogged that I thought COVID-19 would lead to an increased number of hunters, including new hunters and reactivated ones (people who used to hunt but gave it up for various reasons). I figured that most of these newbies would be deer hunters. The whitetail is America’s number 1 game animal, and the thought of hunting, killing and eating venison would appeal to many during the pandemic. Turns out I was right and then some. Some statistics: Michigan: More than 545,000 hunters bought hunting licenses through Nov. 11, nearly 10 percent more than at the same point in 2019, according to the state DNR. Pennsylvania: Game Commission reports a 5% increase in hunting [...]

6 01, 2021

BIG DEER Hunting Predictions for 2021

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As I predicted 9 months ago, the pandemic led to a notable increase (roughly 10% across all the states) in new and reactivated hunters for the fall 2020 seasons. People had been cooped up for months, and what better way to get out of the house and social distance without wearing a mask, unless it is a camo face covering. As more people get vaccinated and COVID begins to go away (we hope!) later in 2021 and into 22, will these new hunters still shoot and hunt next fall and into the future? I predict some fall off, but a good percentage of the new hunters will keep on doing it. They are more knowledgeable and confident now, have better [...]

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