26 09, 2022

3 Hot Bow Stands For Deer

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Right now, bucks are relatively docile and still locked into their summer bed-to-feed patterns. So long as you don’t press them too hard, they’ll keep moving reasonably well at dawn and dusk. Tweak these setups to your land. There’s a darn good chance you’ll tag out early. The Choke Point One September I hunted in sprawling alfalfa and corn country where you could see deer coming and going for miles. The only way to have a fighting chance with a bow in a big spot like that is to narrow the country down, way down. During the middle of the day when the deer weren’t out, I looked around for two hours and sized things up. Then I tucked a [...]

22 09, 2022

4 Deer Hunting Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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In the last 2 years I have shot over the spine of 2 bucks by dropping my bow and pulling out of the shot too soon. Since I started flinging arrows at hay bales with a recurve too long ago to remember, I have been fighting this glitch. You might struggle with it too. When you release and try to watch your arrow hit a deer, you unwittingly drop your bow arm and lift your head a few inches. Sometimes your rig is so fast and forgiving that you can get away with it. Other times you shoot just over a deer. Quick Fix: Pick a spot on a deer, draw, release the arrow and don’t move a muscle until [...]

18 09, 2022

North Dakota: Early Bow Season Hot For Big Bucks

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Kyle Olson knew the buck he was looking at on his trail camera. He had several photos of him from the previous year. “The first thing I thought is that he really blew up this year. I bet he put on 40 inches of antler,” Olson said. Kyle’s bow squeaked as he drew back. "I knew it was now or never,” he said. His shot was true and the buck ran about 80 yards and crashed. The mainframe 5-by-5 had split brows and two kicker points. The rack had great mass and taped out at 166 ⅞ inches green-score in velvet. Read the full story at Realtree.com   Kyle’s deer is one of several big velvet bucks I’ve seen hit [...]

14 09, 2022

5 Bowhunting Deer Questions Answered

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You scout and glass a couple of small bucks, a decent 8-pointer and a shooter 10 coming to a bean field like clockwork in the evenings. Will those bucks, and especially the 10-point, be around when bow season opens in a few weeks?   That bachelor’s club will start to break up in mid-September, but a few of the bucks may still run together into October. In what is known as the “fall shuffle,” some of the bucks will shift a mile or more to winter range while some of them—maybe that big 10--will stay right there, close to where you’re spotting them now. Keep glassing the fields and edges, and hang a tree stand or 2 in the nearby [...]

9 09, 2022

Taxidermist’s Tips For Velvet Deer Antlers

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A Mississippi taxidermist told the Clarion Ledger special care needs to be taken when handling velvet antlers if a hunter intends to have the early-season buck mounted. Ellis Solomon of Ellis Solomon Taxidermy in Brandon, Miss. said, "I think the biggest mistake is (a hunter grabs) the rack. Velvet is skin, but it's a lot more delicate. It will tear if you stress it enough. Don't drag (the buck) by the antlers. When you handle (the antlers), you're tearing and twisting that velvet. Don't drag it by the antlers and don't drag it over anything. Just try to handle (a velvet rack) delicately." Solomon said another enemy of velvet racks is moisture and advises to keep them dry if at all [...]

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