14 05, 2024

Longbows and Recurves for Deer Hunting 

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There is a contingent of modern bowhunters out there who have shot their share of deer with compound bows, and now they are looking for a different challenge. “It’s not just different, it’s the ultimate challenge,” says Jonas Strong, who has hunted deer with longbows and recurves all his life out in the river bottoms of eastern Montana. “You use your skills to get within ‘wolf range’ of your quarry, mere yards where a doe or buck instinctively senses danger. Then you have to draw your bow and shoot without the animal seeing you. There’s nothing like the rush of it.” Gearing up for Traditional Archery Strong suggests a traditional, or “trad,” bow of 60, 62 or 64 inches. “The longer [...]

15 04, 2024

Big Deer Archives: 4-Year Ouest for a Nebraska Archery Giant

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Writing script for a new Nebraska television show about my hunt out on the North Platte River last fall. You don’t hear that much about Nebraska, but it’s a sleeper state for big whitetails. Got me to thinking of a great story a passionate bowhunter named Nick sent me 8 years ago: Mike: My journey for a Nebraska public-land buck started back in 2012 when I was notified, I was getting stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, which is located about 15 miles south of Omaha. I am a 15-year active-duty Air Force Security Forces (military police) member. I arrived to Offutt in the beginning of July. Right away I began to research the local public hunting spots. I stumbled [...]

1 04, 2024

Pennsylvania Deer Harvest Up 2 % in 2023-24

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The Pennsylvania Game Commission reports that hunters harvested an estimated 430,010 whitetails last season.  The statewide buck harvest was estimated at 171,600, while the antlerless harvest was about 258,410. The 20023-24 harvest is 2% greater than that of 2022-23, and 4% higher than the total harvest seen as a three-year average. As for last season’s buck kill, it was by 5% over 2022-23, and up 6% over the three-year average. Overall, 27% of deer hunters shot a buck. That was a slight increase over 2022-23’s 26% success rate, and up significantly from the 15% success rate seen as recently as 2007-08. The majority of bucks harvested are older than in decades past, too. Before antler point restrictions, most of the [...]

25 03, 2024

How to Hang a Tree Stand For Bowhunting

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If bowhunting big deer is not a game of inches, then surely it is one of feet. You can do some awesome scouting and find a killer spot ripped with buck sign. But if you move in with a stand and set it a foot too low…or angled on the south side of a tree as a 10-pointer marches in from the west… You get it. If your positioning is off just a bit, you might as well be off a mile, because you are probably not going to shoot that buck. Use this guide to fine-tune your stand placement for better shots. Size matters. A straight tree 15-20 inches in diameter is perfect for any type stand, “lock-on,” ladder [...]

20 02, 2024

How to Build the Best Food Plots for Deer

2024-02-20T08:34:42-05:00February 20th, 2024|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Bowhunting, Deer Hunting, Deer Management, sportsman channel, whitetail deer|Comments Off on How to Build the Best Food Plots for Deer

This is a tutorial on how to create small and affordable food plots that whitetail deer will love, and which are actually easier to hunt than 2- to 4-acre green fields. The Plan Roll out an aerial photograph of your property, and pull up the Google Earth coordinates for a secondary source. Look closely for strips and openings where you might plant some clover, tucked away—and this is key—in areas where you don’t have to cut down many if any trees, or otherwise do extensive clearing and leveling. Look for easy-to-work spots that are part of the natural landscape and your herd’s habitat. Now think back to previous scouts and hunts on the property. Where are major deer trails and [...]

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