13 11, 2019

Wisconsin Bowhunter Tags 10-Point “Sneezy” Buck

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This guest post is from Kyle Biba, Wisconsin bowhunter and long-time reader of Big Deer Blog: Saturday November 2nd proved to be a very special day for me as I was able to write the final chapter on a 4.5-year-old 10-pointer we called “Sneezy.” The story started in early fall 2018 when Sneezy first appeared on our farm. He showed up on camera in mid-September, already having broken off multiple points. I encountered Sneezy on October 12th last year in one of our clover plots. It was at that time he gained his name of Sneezy. As I watched him, it sounded like he was having an actual sneezing attack! I was able to get some tremendous footage of him [...]

12 11, 2019

19 Proven Ways To Hunt The Whitetail Rut

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For 7 years Russ Van Zoeren of Twin Lake, Michigan, had traveled to Kansas to bowhunt on public land. November 10 on the 8th year, he fired his first arrow. After a heat wave with temps in the 80s, storms and a cold front crashed through the night of the 9th. The mercury plummeted into 30s and a northwest wind of 25 shook the leaves off the trees. Next morning at 8:15, a buck stepped out of a fence row and marched down the same trail Russ had walked on to his tree stand. His brow tines were huge and forked! At 13 yards the giant stopped to smell a scrape that Russ had doctored with hot-doe scent. The arrow [...]

23 10, 2019

Breaking: Giant 2019 Bow Buck Could Be New Oklahoma Record

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This photo is bombing around social media, for obvious reasons. The Sportsman Channel's Twitter reads: Absolute giant taken down in Oklahoma, possible new typical state record. Could this be close to the World Record?  A beautiful and amazing typical that I believe will net 200. State record? Likely. Eclipse the Hanson Buck, which has held the top typical spot for more than 2 decades? I have seen and put my hands on Milo's deer, and I don't believe this Oklahoma deer will top it, but... If anybody knows the hunter and has more details, let me know. I'll be in Oklahoma in early December and would love to interview him and feature that amazing rack on Big Deer TV. I'll [...]

17 10, 2019

8 Things To Do If You Hit A Deer With Your Car

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You can pay attention to the road, drive defensively, do everything right… And still there is the chance that a deer jumps out of nowhere and in front of your car, and a collision is inevitable. From the folks at Carparts.com do these 8 things if you hit a deer: 1. Check yourself and passengers for possible injuries. This information is important for filing a passenger injury claim if you need to. Do this before exiting the vehicle. 2. Turn your hazard lights on. One of the most critical items in your to-do list, to signal approaching vehicles on both sides of the road of the hazard ahead. 3. If possible, move your vehicle to the side of the road. [...]

15 10, 2019

How To Avoid Hitting A Deer With Your Car

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates roughly 1.5 million deer-related accidents occur each year, and more than half of these accidents are in October and November, during the deer rut. The NHTSA claims the average cost per accident is $1,000, which equates to an estimated $1.5 billion in total damages per year. The average number of human deaths directly linked to deer-related collisions each year is 150 or higher. To minimize your odds of hitting a deer, the folks at Carparts.com offer these tips: Remember when deer are most active. Dusk, dawn, and between 12:00 A.M. and 2:00 A.M. If you absolutely must drive late in the dark, make sure you stay alert. Make sure your car is [...]