2 06, 2022

Ball State Study: Gun Deer Hunting Doesn’t Increase Gun Violence

2022-05-31T14:54:38-04:00June 2nd, 2022|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Deer Guns & Loads, Deer Hunting, Hunting News, sportsman channel|0 Comments

With all the crime and tragedy swirling in America right now--what causes young males do such violent and unspeakable things?--the results of this 2019 study are interesting and relevant.—M.H. Paul Niekamp, a Ball State economics professor, analyzed daily crime data with statistics from deer hunting seasons spanning 20 years and 21 states for his study, “Good Bang for the Buck: Effects of Rural Gun Use on Crime.” “The results of this paper provide strong evidence that enormous increases in recreational long gun prevalence are not associated with any increase in violent crime,” he said. “In the least populous areas, where long gun prevalence increased 530%, estimates suggest that male violent crime actually decreased.” Niekamp’s study provides the first estimates of [...]

5 04, 2022

Do You Need A Background Check To Buy Ammunition?

2022-04-05T10:22:19-04:00April 5th, 2022|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Deer Guns & Loads, Hunting News, sportsman channel|0 Comments

The Sportsmen’s Alliance reports that “the hits keep coming in Rhode Island when it comes to hunting and firearms.” The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee is considering legislation requiring a state or federal background check to purchase ammunition or reloading components. While the National Instant Criminal Background Check System has “instant” in its name, it can take up to three days to complete. As a result of House Bill 6616, online or mail orders for ammunition would not be possible. “This proposal would even ban a friend or family member from borrowing ammunition during a hunting trip, unless the recipient passed a background check,” said Dillon Barto, manager of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This is more bad policy [...]

23 02, 2022

The Best Handguns For Deer Hunting

2022-02-23T14:54:26-05:00February 23rd, 2022|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, Deer Guns & Loads, whitetail deer|Comments Off on The Best Handguns For Deer Hunting

Having already shot his buck earlier in the season, my buddy Neil decided to try his hand at handgun hunting to fill a management doe tag. Here’s how the hunt went down, in Neil’s words: I could only hunt for a few hours that Saturday because I had to baby sit later that day. I had to draw blood early or not at all, which seemed like a foolhardy and insurmountable feat since I had never hunted with a pistol before, much yet killed anything with it. Half-hour after first light 2 does came in, broadside at about 40 yards. I raised my .41 Magnum and fired at the bigger of the two deer, the lead doe. Boom! She didn't [...]

24 01, 2022

First Look: CZ 600 Alpha Rifle

2022-01-24T11:25:51-05:00January 24th, 2022|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, CZ-USA, Deer Guns & Loads, Deer Hunting, Gear Reviews|Comments Off on First Look: CZ 600 Alpha Rifle

In 2022, CZ-USA introduces 4 models in the new 600 series of bolt-action rifles: Lux, Range, Trail and Alpha. I recently got my hands on an Alpha, which has several unique and innovative features that you have never seen on a deer rifle before. I like what I saw and, I believe, you will too. The Alpha features a totally new modular platform that allows for multi-caliber capability. Choose from 3 action sizes: mini for .223; medium for .308 and 6.5 PRC; and long for .30-06/.300 Win. Mag. Within those classes of actions, it takes 5 minutes to do a caliber conversion. Just remove the stock, loosen 3 screws, pull the barrel and you’re ready for a caliber change. The [...]

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