7 05, 2024

Deer Rifle Sight-In Tips

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Don’t get so wrapped up in shooting and practicing with your bow this spring and summer that you put off sighting-in and shooting your rifle and muzzleloader. A few random thoughts on that: I think the old-school way is still the best way. Sight your .270, 6.5, .30-06 or whatever to print the target’s bulls-eye two inches high at 100 yards, which will put you dead-on or thereabouts out to 200 to 250 yards, depending on caliber and load. You’ll shoot 95% of your bucks inside that range anyhow. Sight-in your rifle/scope/load for the tightest 3-shot groups you can get, but if you get 2-inch groups, that is fine for deer hunting. Most modern rifles and factory loads will ground [...]

30 04, 2024

5 Shooting Tips for Deer Hunters

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If you’re lucky you’ll fire one bullet at a mature buck this fall. Sight-in and fine-tune your rifle/scope/load this summer, and practice until you are efficient and confident out to 250 yards. Then remember these tips that will help you make that one shot count in the woods. Think out a shot before it happens. Say you’re climbing a hillside or stalking on a ridge. What if a buck jumps out of that draw? Which way will he run? Is it 100 or 200 yards across that canyon? Anticipate and be ready for a quick shot as best you can. One November day I crawled up on a buck browsing in the shade, zapped him at 173 yards with my [...]

11 03, 2024

Deer Hunt Tip: Keep Your Grunt Call Handy

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The heavy 8-pointer popped out onto the levee road 350 yards away, heading for a dry canal where he would be out sight in seconds. I pulled out my call and cut loose a barrage of loud, aggressive grunts. To my surprise and delight, the buck stopped, looked and began marching my way, the hair up and bristling on his neck. It was the tail-end of the rut, but this bully was still looking to mix it up. I kept calling intermittently and he keep looking and walking. A couple of times he paused and turned his head as if losing interest. I grunted harder, and by gosh it worked. The old Mississippi warrior marched to within 120 yards, and [...]

23 01, 2024

How to Store Your Rifles

2024-01-23T12:07:53-05:00January 23rd, 2024|Big Deer TV, BigDeer, CZ-USA, Deer Guns & Loads, sportsman channel, trijicon|Comments Off on How to Store Your Rifles

After a thorough bore cleaning, wipe down the action, trigger guard, scope, barrel and all exterior metalwork of a rifle with a light coat of gun oil. When I plan to store a rifle for 2 months or more, I run one last patch dabbed with a light coat of oil into the bore to prevent rust. To further avoid rust, firearms should be stored in an environment that stays around 70 degrees F year-round with humidity of 50 to 55 percent. It is best to lock all your guns and ammunition in a gun safe. If you don't have a safe, at the very least secure firearms and ammo in a closet or room that you lock tight. Be [...]

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