Trail Camera: Mini-Beast Buck

cam giant 10

Remember this image of “The Beast” from yesterday? I said the gentleman who has the net Booner on his camera has hit the mother lode. Well, I was wrong. Now that guy has hit the rich lode. He posted this last night:

NEW BUCK ALERT (below)… Lol… I think I will call him “Mini-Beast” since he lives on the same farm as “The Beast.”

cliff mini beast cam

Cool. From what I’m seeing early, this is going to be a good rack year, certainly better than 2013 I hope. Send me your trail-camera images to fire us up. You have my word I’ll never divulge your name or the location of the buck you’ll be hunting.


4 thoughts on “Trail Camera: Mini-Beast Buck

  1. Buck in the back of that newer photo is no slouch either. Again, good luck to you hunter.

    • That’s what I’m saying. I would be happy just to see one like the mini-mini beast in the back haha

  2. Nice buck. But if you look at his chest / stomach area, he’s a young deer, if
    one could only wait 2 yrs… I know, I couldn’t either!!

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