Trail Cam: VA Bachelor Bucks

va cam bucks tanner

This group of bucks is hanging in a woods somewhere here in Virginia. I know the area, that right buck is going to be a shooter come bow season in October.

Good lesson here: As you watch and study trail-camera images of a buck group in late summer, study the makeup of that group (in this case a 6-point, a small 8-point and the larger 8-point shooter) because it is very likely that those bucks will keep traveling together throughout September into early October.

Then say you’re on stand on the bow opener. If you see one of those little bucks coming through the woods, stand up, grab your bow and get ready. All the bucks and the shooter are probably following, and hopefully the big boy will pass within shooting range.

3 thoughts on “Trail Cam: VA Bachelor Bucks

  1. Cool image. I love how different bucks are on different antler growth schedules.

  2. That’s a good bit of horn already put on by the shooter! Out here in Arizona the coues bucks have main beams about 8-12″ long. Shouldn’t be long before we know which bucks are the shooters. Mike will you be hunting this buck? Or was this a friend’s picture?

  3. The nice buck looks to be trying to push out a crab-claw on that right mb. Good tip on reading the woods with the other deer seen here.

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