2014 Hunt Season is Here!

trail cam mini beast

Here’s another look at “Mini-Beast” that a hunter in the Midwest has had on camera for a couple of months. I thought this was a great image, with the other smaller buck hiding in the background.

The sight of this velvet giant has the BIG DEER TV Team fired up as we hit the road for Season 4. We are starting super early this year, with teams hunting and filming from Colorado to Kentucky next week.

Next week… I can hardly believe the season got here so fast!

I’ll be archery hunting the opener in the Bluegrass State, where there’s a 50-50 chance that if I see and get a shot at a big deer his rack will still be in velvet. Or maybe half in velvet and peeling and bloody, a rack like that is cool.

Season 3 of BIG DEER TV is rolling along strong right now on Sportsman Channel, Wednesday nights 10/9c through December. Set your DVR!

Friday shout out to our great sponsors that make all this possible: Remington Arms, Trijicon, Cabela’s, Wildlife Research Center and Yeti Coolers. You have my word that I only promote hunting gear that I use and trust, and these are the best hunt brands on the market. Thanks for supporting our sponsors, and all we do here at BIG DEER.

I’m expecting a big rack year across America this fall–good luck and be safe when you hit the woods. And remember the BIG DEER motto: Hunt hard, have fun and respect the game.

4 thoughts on “2014 Hunt Season is Here!

  1. Good Luck in Kentucky, Mike. Have a great season. If you travel through Indiana stop in and I’ll have a cold one with you. ;)

  2. Good luck Mike. Looks like there are some good targets out there for us all so here’s to 2014 season. May it be fun, safe, and rewarding for all. Hope one walks out in fromt of you that is so big he scares ya!

  3. May you come face to ribs with a monster double dropper, buddy! And may I be beside you when you can’t shoot! WooHoo! Be safe everyone!

  4. Hey I’m hunting right now and I have this buck that comes every so often he is named spunky bc he looks different then all the other bucks I hunted this morning and nothing I use non smelling stuff (note I’m only little) and nothing there is usually a doe and her twins but they didn’t show. I really think that the deer know when hunting season starts, no one has hunted back here and they still won’t show….

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