5 thoughts on “Giving A Gun For A Christmas Gift: Laws You Need To Know

  1. At first I thought you forgot to link the laws then I saw the humor. I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING IF I WISH TO GIVE A GRANDCHILD A .22 FOR CHRISTMAS ‘CAUSE IT IS NO ONE’S BUSINESS BUT MINE!!!!!!

  2. I work for DuPont. My, how times have changed! They’d never get anywhere near this kind of stuff today. “Guns are bad. Bullets are bad. Gun Control is good.”

  3. LOL!! My son turns one today. My brother bought him a .22 for his first birthday. He obviously won’t handle it anytime soon, but the timing is awesome Hanback.

  4. When each of my 9 grandchildren were born I bought them a TC single shot .22 on the way to see them the very first time. Blue camo boys pink camo girls, today the oldest is 17 and on her high school trap shooting team with high average for the season out of 10 shooters.

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