4 Unusual Deer Mounts

Lately some different and unusual mounts have been popping up on social media:

deer mount backpack









This is the first backpack mount I saw, and to my surprise there were many variations of the pack mount on Google images. I suspect these are most popular out West; few hunters in the East pack out a caped buck, though I’m sure it happens when guys hunt deep on a big public area.

deer mount rub tree









Then there is the buck rub mount. I have seen versions of this over the years, but it seems to be making a comeback and is more popular than ever. Again, lots of variations on Google images.

deer mount lick coat








The buck licking his coat—deer groom themselves regularly—is different and unique, if not a little weird. But to each his own.

deer mount tailgate







The tailgate is my top pick of off-the-wall mounts. Different, but for some reason I kind of like it. I don’t like the 12-pack of regular Miller as an accessory; I’d have made it Miller Lite.

What do you think, which is your favorite? Me, I’ll probably just stick to boring old shoulder mounts.

4 thoughts on “4 Unusual Deer Mounts

  1. All are quite unique. The one l
    I’d like to see is the one where you rattle and grunt one in and he comes in nostrils flared with that wild fire in his eyes look. Never seen that duplicated.

  2. I think a full body mounted in the back of a pickup would be kind of cool. I’m a traditionalist, however. Boring old shoulder mounts for me as well.

  3. Tailgate mount and a couple cases of Old Milwaukee with a bunch of empties to represent the good ole Wisconsin shotgun days.

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