Video: World’s Biggest Cottonmouth Snake!


My friends at Mossy Oak filmed this evil serpent in Mississippi. If this doesn’t scare the @$%&@ out of you I don’t know what would. Great camera work, and whoever did the edit, good job. That creepy sound track makes it even creepier. Some 75,000 views on You Tube so far. Man I hate snakes.

4 thoughts on “Video: World’s Biggest Cottonmouth Snake!

  1. Growing up hunting the Big Black River swamps in Mississippi I always had to keep a close eye out for these aggressive snakes. They often would drop out of the trees into our boat while running trotlines in the swamp and one time I jumped completely out of the boat to get away from a huge cottonmouth like this one ugghh just makes my skin crawl thinking about these things.

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