Big Trail Cam Deer!

cam nick

Two big ones from the Midwest. Nick says the first buck is living in a 2-acre patch in the suburbs. His right G-2 looks like a second brow tine, unique.

cam shane

This buck is one of the best I have seen so far, great frame, beams, tine length and mass. Shane has gotten this giant on cam for 3 years and figures he’s 4 ½. Good luck man!


3 thoughts on “Big Trail Cam Deer!

  1. Wow, crazy mass the whole way out on the bottom pic. Both are absolute studs.
    Good luck fellas!

  2. ol moses is a stud, iv been trying to get this deer for 3 yrs but until this yr he has been hanging around alot more. i once seen an artical saying that the older a buck gets the smaller his home range gets to, i hope it pans out, good huntin to all. the upper buck pic is a dandy .good huntin nick!

  3. damn man! those are a couple beautiful bucks, I want to see them with Nicks & Shane’s hands around them! good luck fellas.

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