Mike, I got over 30 trail cam pictures of this buck throughout the summer, but those pics were all at night. So after not seeing him feeding on our family farm during the first week of bow season, I decided to change things up. Fortunately I had permission to hunt a property across the road. My hope was that I could catch him crossing that property during shooting light on his way to my land.

I took my climber and set up about 15 yards off a lane that connected two corn fields. The wind was perfect, and I figured the element of surprise would be in my favor. Sure enough, on October 10, he walked down the lane at 10 minutes till 7, and I arrowed him at 13 yards. Love the show, keep the good footage coming our way.—Thanks, Shawn Brinkman

I’ve said it many times on the blog and on TV—slip around, hunt different and fresh little funnels and bottlenecks, get the element of surprise on a big buck that is tough to kill. Shawn’s post is the perfect example of that, great hunting man.