In the TV business this is what we call a “screen grab,” an image pulled from a video clip. I was reviewing the footage that we shot in Alberta last fall and got to thinking: Man, I am lucky to have hunted in all the places and seen all the things I have over the years…I never take that for granted.

I was stalking some deer when that big wolf came lumbering up the tree line. Actually, there were 2 wolves, but we only got the one on film. What an experience, just seeing that ultimate symbol of the wild! It moves you inside, makes you tingle. Some people have asked why I didn’t take a shot at it. Well, I didn’t have a wolf tag, and two, I didn’t want to kill it anyhow. Seeing that predator was one of my top moments last fall, and I can’t wait for you to see it on TV. I doubt many hunting shows got any wolf footage last year, but we did and I’m proud of that.

You can see my wolf encounter and that Canadian hunt on an episode of BIG DEER TV later this summer on Sportsman Channel.