trail cam 2014 conn 3

The hunter who sent the video of the drop-tine buck pulled his cards and here’s what he got. Huge drop w/mass, dream buck! And look who is traveling in the bachelor group with the drop, another giant, this one w/incredible tine length (pictures 2 and 3 below).

trail cam 2014 conn 1

trail cam 2014 conn 2

And our good friends Zac and Ellie had been watching a couple bucks for the past 2 weeks. One day when the wind was right they snuck in, set up a camera and captured the great picture below. Fantastic work guys.

trail cam 2014 zac elli

From these cam images and others I’m seeing, I now officially proclaim that 2014 will be a big rack year, much better than last year.

Send me your trail camera images to get us even more fired up, I’ll never reveal your location (or more importantly the location of the buck you’ll be hunting).