car deer smash

From longtime BIG DEER blogger Cory S.:

Hey Mike! Wanted to pass along a pic of what happened a few hours ago. My wife and I were driving with my daughter when a doe suddenly crossed in front of us. Apparently she was “hot” because a couple of seconds later a massive 10 pointer exploded out of the woods and took the car out! The buck bounced off, got up, looked at us like we were crazy and then got back the chase for the doe! Incredible animals I tell ya!

We are all ok. Olivia was a mess and crying though, she thought she had hit and killed the deer. My daughter and I told her the buck was fine and ran off. Her car does smells of rutting buck, though, lol. Tell everyone to be on the lookout for traveling bucks, it’s that time!

Good luck to all this season, and be safe.–Cory