From Fox News.com: Authorities combing the rugged wilds of upstate New York for a pair of killers who escaped a maximum security prison two weeks ago are turning to those who know the terrain best, asking hunters to help in the search.

Richard Matt and David Sweat cut their way out of Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora on June 6. They’ve eluded a massive manhunt since then and authorities admitted Friday it’s “entirely possible” the search could take months. They said their plan is to pursue the two men “relentlessly” while turning to hunters for assistance.

“We’re asking them to review video from…trail cameras to see if they see anything suspicious,” State Police Maj. Charles Guess said at a press conference at the prison.

Hunters in the Adirondacks are eager to help. “If I was able to get some pictures and help state police get these guys, that would be great,” avid outdoorsman Jason Langdon, 38, told FoxNews.com Friday. “I think a lot of people feel that way because this has been so unsettling.”

Langdon has kept his trail cams running on his 50 acres, and police are hoping other hunters will do the same. “Rainy day, going to go check my trail cams and see if I have any bucks, bears, or 2 men in $100,000 green suits running around,” he wrote on the third day of the search, referring to the potential reward money.

Hunters can keep abreast of the search on the Northern Adirondack Outdoorsman’s Page on Facebook.

Authorities add that while they welcome hunters’ help with the use of trail cameras, they should not actively get involved in the search for the killers.