sneak with stand

I don’t care where you hunt, this setup is one of the best for the next 2 weeks of the whitetail rut.

On a map or Google Earth, or from experience of hunting a piece of ground in the past, look for a ridge 100 to 200 yards off a corn or bean field and back in the timber. Scout around and set your stand (or ground blind) where a series of ridges, flats, shallow draws and a winding creek come together. This spot is a dumping ground for deer throughout the rut. Note the predominant wind in the area (N to NW generally, except in coastal areas of the SE).

Sneak in with all the gear you need–including lunch, snacks and water–and sit all day if you can hack it. Morning, midday or at dusk you might spot an 8-pointer trolling on a finger ridge, nose to the ground…or a 10-pointer trotting down a hollow…or a doe running with 3 bucks on her heels…. Keep an eye on any creek and the cover around it because deer will travel up, down and across it all rut.

Hunt this stand for a week in November, and I can almost guarantee you’ll see lots of deer and at least one shooter. Good luck!