As we approach the rising full moon on November 27-29, I predict the hunting will be good to great across whitetail country. But hunting pressure, especially a good amount of rifle heat that many of you have been dealing with where you hunt, can and will subdue daytime buck activity, so factor that into your plan. If you’re out this seek, hunt for bucks on green food sources in the afternoons; the cooler the weather the better.

I’m stoked with this full moon November 27-29, and predict it will keep some bucks moving and rutting into the first week of December, especially if your air is seasonably chilly. I’ll be filming my TV show in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle after Thanksgiving and into the first week of December, and expect (at least hope) to tag 2 mature late-season 8-pointers. Don’t overlook the early-post rut this year, especially those first few days of December. Good luck!

In the photo: I shot this 10-pointer in Oklahoma during the early post-rut a few years ago: I’m back out there now hoping for a repeat.