We have all climbed into a tree stand (or ground blind) for an all-day sit and struggled with the dilemma, especially when bowhunting a big buck: Do I let fly right off the stand, or pee in a bottle?

If you’re in the bottle camp, there’s a new product you need to take a look at. Says the makers of Pee Sport, “It’s the highest-class pee bottle on the market. It’s a premium product for a premium price ($39.99).

Sounds a bit high for a pee trap, but the manufacturer insists this is a quality product. “We chose the highest-grade, degradation-resistant, odor-free silicone we could. Unlike the cheap hospital-looking pee bottles online, you’ll only need to buy Pee Sport once,” reads the website.

I examined and tested this bottle. Yes. It is well-made, sturdy and thick; easily expandable to hold 3 pees; and, the best part to me, the easy-to-shut lid locks tight when you’ve finished your business (no spillage).

While silicone is naturally odor-free and anti-bacterial, pee residue left in the bottle will eventually smell. Cleaning is necessary, it’s dishwasher safe.

Top Pee Sport features for hunters: the supple silicone bottle is easy to pack, quiet and odor-free. It comes with a small carabiner so you can hang it conveniently on a limb near your stand.

Works for both male and female hunters!

To use, 4 simple steps: 1. Expand the Pee Sport; 2. Position the Pee Sport over your special parts and make a seal to your body; 3. Pee away; 4. Press down on the latch lid and it closes securely.

I got 2 Pee Sports and will use them this fall. Not only for convenience when hunting a stand or blind, but also at night in camp. We old guys gotta get up and pee at night. This product holds 3 pees, sounds about right.

If you go to the website to order and get the message “sold out” check back soon. The manufacturers tell me they have a full stock well before deer season opens.