Wisconsin: Monster Big-Woods Buck!

wisconsin monster buck

Don Dziedzina at Illinois Outdoors is first to report this monster. Word is a hunter shot the buck on October 28 on public land between Eagle River and St. Germain Wisconsin. Don says he’ll have more details to follow, “but for now, these are pictures worth a thousand words.”

Wow, I’d say, that’s going to be one of the top non-typical bucks shot in America this year.

Some will likely say the buck looks high-fence because of the white rack, which does look unusual, but I believe this giant is legit.



9 thoughts on “Wisconsin: Monster Big-Woods Buck!

  1. In wisconsin the tags they attach to the antlers are silver not orange.That would tell me that it is not a wild deer.

      • Also there should also be a green plastic tag that should be attached to the antler right after harvest to make it legal in this fine state.Nowi havent hit a deer with a car in the last few years but that may also be a car-deer tag not sure but could be possible.Regardless it is a huge and nice too see.

  2. How far has the sport of hunting fallen when a picture of a huge buck makes one wonder if it was a deer farm kill prior to envy for the hunter?
    I for one can not see how the harvester of any game farm animal feels a sense of accomplishment. I live in Pa. where all game farm animals are considered livestock by the state. And if I’m going to send a couple grand on livestock meat it’s going to be prime beef, pork, etc. not venison.

  3. Altho a very nice deer someone grew. The orange tag is answer to everything along with the kill tag.. the green one missing. Might of been a heart pounding moment for the hunter but why would you knowingly lie about where it was harvested.

    • I live and hunt in Wisconsin that tag looks red. Red tags are cwd zone tags, no green tag is attached. Unless of course the buck I shot this year was improperly tagged when registered but I doubt that.

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