Amazing Deer-Skull Engraving!

engraving 1

I am forever amazed at the incredible talent to be found across America, and when that talent is exhibited by a hard-working deer hunter from the Heartland, I am really impressed.

I saw this skull art on the Facebook page of Robert Nichols, a family man and deer hunter from Oklahoma. I posted to Robert that I thought his work was awesome, incredible really. I figured he had carved and engraved for years, and was selling his artwork. Robert wrote back:

Hey Mike: Thanks for the compliment on my engravings! I have enjoyed watching your shows and reading your work for years.

This is a very new hobby for me. We got snowed in for a couple days last November. My wife had been telling me I should try something like this for a while, so she convinced me to do it then. I had a small shed antler and figured, “Why not?”

engraving 2

The shed turned out okay (last picture) so the next afternoon, I did an elk shed that I’ve had for several years. And then I did a gunstock all in the same weekend! I was having a blast, and friends and family encouraged me to keep going and trying different things. I work with a little bit of everything: sheds, a lot of skull caps, gunstocks…

engraving 4

You asked what tools I use. I’m just using a 15-year-old dremel that my wife got for me. I just picked it up and hit the ground running.

engraving 3 shed first

I work a regular job 60 to 70 hours a week. I have 2 great boys in high school, and an amazing wife that has always supported me in everything I have done. These engravings/carvings have actually helped me feel like I have a purpose again. And I enjoy doing it.—Thanks, Robert

Amazing the spirit and hidden talents of deer hunters across this great land! 





14 thoughts on “Amazing Deer-Skull Engraving!

  1. Wow Robert you have an amazing talent for making something beautiful that much better with your engravings! How much would you charge to do a skull for someone? Do you have a website people can visit to look at your works and such?

    • Thanks Maverick! I have a fb page
      Robert Nichols Custom Engraving
      price depends on each individual job.

  2. You can make a living doing that if you’re good and make a name for yourself.

    Nice work!

    • Just a hobby for now. Really enjoy doing it! Have a feeling I couldn’t afford the insurance on my own!Lol

  3. One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. Amazing talent!!!!! There is definitely a market for this. The possibilities are limitless what you could carve.

  4. Absolutely amazing! I have never seen anything like that before. What a talent!

    • Thank you Flatlander!
      I have never thot of myself as an artist of any kind…
      Just got lucky on this lil adventure!Lol
      I sincerely appreciate it!

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