Trail Cam: Bent Beam Buck

wi cam

One of our bloggers sent this image from somewhere in Wisconsin. This buck would be a cool sight to see coming through the woods in a few weeks when bow season opens. How do you think he bent that beam?

From what I’m seeing it’s setting up to be a good rack year, much better than last. And I have not heard of any massive EHD outbreaks as of yet, though now is the time when we really need to be on the lookout for that.

Fingers crossed, should be a good fall! Are you getting ready?

4 thoughts on “Trail Cam: Bent Beam Buck

  1. That would have been a stud without the character beam.

    We’ve had good rain here all year with the exception of a couple weeks in early July. We’ve gotten several inches over the past 2 weeks with a lot more on the way. The grass/browse is as lush as I’ve ever seen it for late summer, so I’m guessing the deer should have good nutrition right up until the fall food sources kick in. Hopefully that translates into healthy deer with healthy racks.

  2. That is a monster right there. June here was super wet, but July was quite a bit dryer. I think overall things are looking pretty good for the deer here. I do believe the winter put a lot of stress on our deer, but they seem to be doing pretty good. I wonder if early antler development was affected with the bad weather and later green up, but overall things look pretty good here. Our soybeans here weren’t availabe until the first of June. To me they are what powers the late spring boom in protein, but I do know that natural forbes, etc. had plenty of water to really explode once temps. cooperated. With the early rains (in June) our corn is really doing well. The farmers here are loving the corn development. Now, since August is here we need some more rain to really get those beans to grow up and pod out well. Last year at this time our soybeans were waste/chest high, but this year they aren’t nearly as tall. If we get rain and some warm temps they could really explode, however. Season is coming!!!

  3. Looks like he’s trying to grow a hand. I hope the hunter gets to shake hands with him.
    Crops here are doing great, but I haven’t caught any big bucks on cam yet. Unfortunately the neighbor got 20 crop damage permits so they are blasting away every night. Hopefully they are far enough away from my honey holes to turn them nocturnal this early. We only have 1 month to go so time will tell.

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