full pro glasses

The Full Pro SoundVision protective kit is a simple but ingenious design, and I’ll use the glasses in all my range shooting from now on.

When you put on ordinary shooting glasses and then top them with a set of earmuffs, there is a slight break in the seal between the muffs and the arms (temples) of the glasses on either side. These breaks let in some decibels of a gunshot. Also, the muffs squeeze the arms of the glasses against your temples; this can get uncomfortable after a while, and these pressure points can be painful after a long shooting session.

The Full Pro glasses don’t have typical hard arms, but rather flexible straps attached to either side of the lenses. You stick a circular adhesive patch to each side of your earmuffs. Put the muffs on, put the glasses on and secure them in place with the Velcro-type straps and adhesive patches.

full pro sketch

With the glasses attached to the outside of the muffs, you get a snug fit with an unbroken ear seal, which provides the ultimate ear-eye protection while shooting. And you’ll be amazed at how comfortable these glasses fit and feel.

The kit includes the high-impact glasses (my test lenses were smoke, but also available in clear and amber) and 2 pair of adhesive patches that stick to your earmuffs. Muffs are not included (system is designed to work with most styles of muffs).

Just in time for sighting-in your hunting rifles, you can order the kit ($24.95) from Amazon.