North Dakota: Velvet Buck Has Mass!

ND velvet matt 2014

Mike: August 30. I Never saw or heard him. I looked down and he was 10 yards away broadside. I knew the mass was awesome, but thought the drop was bigger (just kidding).

My stand was only 8 feet up. Thank goodness he was looking south into the wind. I couldn’t sit that stand on the opener due to wind direction. Glad I got to the next day.  The entire hunt was a half hour long.–MDT



4 thoughts on “North Dakota: Velvet Buck Has Mass!

  1. Congrats MDT!
    Great buck…and a bowkill buck in velvet; that’s even better.
    Just goes to show that you don’t have to be 20′ up to kill deer.
    Well done.

  2. Man that’s awesome, congratulations! I remember when we didn’t have a stand over ten feet. Some you could jump and hang on from the ground. Dad would poke the deer with his longbow from the stand just for fun. Nice buck buddy!

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