Kansas: Giant 190” Typical Bow Buck

colziah jones 2014 buck

Saw this on the Field and Stream facebook page: No word yet on who shot it, but some educated guesses are projecting foot-long tines on both sides that could push the net score into the neighborhood of 200 inches…

Reading through the comments with that post, a young man by the name of Colziah Jones wrote:  I shot this deer over a scrape…no feeder!! No high fence!! 100% fair chase…I have 3 years worth of trail camera pics of this deer. A lot of hours were put into taking this deer! More here.

Also in those comments, some jealous hunters were questioning this young man’s great buck, and how he shot it. Why are some people so petty and envious every time somebody shoots a really Big Deer? Why do people have to question a hunter’s tactics and morals? Why can’t we all just be happy for a guy who shoots a giant buck?

The jealousy and pettiness of some hunters, especially those who troll the Interweb and just like to cause trouble, really irks me and is not good for our sport.

Way to go Colziah, awesome buck!

4 thoughts on “Kansas: Giant 190” Typical Bow Buck

  1. Awesome deer and congrats to the hunter!!!
    It is down right sickening to experience the total disrespect that jealous hunters can display. Until last year, I would have never dreamed that people would treat a fellow hunter that way. It can almost ruin the joy of your accomplishment.

  2. It looks to nearly be a 7X6? Whatever it is, or ends up scoring…that is a pig of a buck in anyone’s book. Great job Colziah!

  3. Wow! A true monster of a whitetail! Congratulations to you Colzah for putting in all of the time and effort into an animal that you never knew for sure you would cash in on. You deserve it. That’s what it’s all about.

  4. Man what a deer! I’d probably fall outta the stand lol!! But with saying that, the amount of people being hateful and disrespectful is beyond childish, whether its out of sheer jealously or someone being a complete a-hole, it’s all irrational and absurd. Congrats again to the young man.

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