New Deer-Rut Science: Big Bucks Move Midday

sioux falls south dakota buck

Hot off the press, the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State reports:

Based on bucks wearing GPS radio collars during the 2013 rut, buck movements declined through the early morning. From 8AM to 11AM, bucks moved the least during that period of the day. But you better be in the woods and ready by 11:00 as  buck movements increased to some of their highest levels from 11AM to 2PM.

buck movements

The (chart) above shows movements of bucks wearing GPS radio-collars from November 1st to 10th (early November) and November 11th to 20th (mid-November). The distances bucks moved are in 3-hour periods. Peak buck movements were from 2 to 5AM and from 11AM to 2PM.

This further confirms what I have been writing and blogging about for years. When you take your week’s vacation anytime from November 1-20, hunt all day and especially during the middle of the day. You might shoot a giant like the one below. Canada a few years ago, the 170-incher stepped out at 1:03 PM.

sask buck hanback 170

3 thoughts on “New Deer-Rut Science: Big Bucks Move Midday

  1. Amen! Over the years I’ve found on a lot of my all day sits that those mature bucks really get going during the middle of the day. I decided to take a break at 10am last year in Missouri and while at the camp house eating lunch I saw a giant 160-170″ buck about 700 yards away cruising through a field looking for does, and you can bet we didn’t come back for lunch the next three days. I just wish I was able to go back this year again for the rut, but good luck to you fellow hunters who get a crack at them during this amazing time of year!

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