Breaking: Giant Alabama Buck Killed By Truck

alabama roadkillDeer and Deer Hunting reports that this incredible buck—look at that mass and palmation!—was hit in Walker County (north of Birmingham) the other evening by a fellow named Bryan Diehl, who was the punter on the University of Alabama’s 1992 national championship football team.

What that means for tonight’s college football title game, I don’t know.

The rut is just getting kicking down in Alabama, so this big boy was undoubtedly dogging a doe across the highway when he met his demise.

Word is that official scorers will put a tape to this great rack soon, and DDH will let us know the score asap.

2 thoughts on “Breaking: Giant Alabama Buck Killed By Truck

  1. STUD! The bucks are really chasing in northern Alabama right now. Southern Alabama still has a few weeks to go b4 they get fired up. It’s a shame that a hunter didn’t kill him, and I bet some unlucky guy had him on camera and prob had been targeting this monster all year lol Cool buck I LOVE PALMATED RACKS

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