Karl-Rove-Hunts-More-Than-QuailWith deer season winding down, the bird hunting is just getting good down in South Texas, but these quail hunters got more than they bargained for.

According to the Daily Caller, “Former adviser to George W. Bush and campaign strategist Karl Rove went quail hunting in Texas over his Christmas vacation and ended up discovering two illegal immigrants.”

Story says that the illegals, dressed in black ominous clothing, were in pretty bad shape health-wise. Knowing they couldn’t hide forever from the hunters and their dogs, they eventually gave up and were apprehended by Border Patrol.

This is not an isolated incident, as landowners, ranchers and hunters have been dealing with this for years in South Texas. While I have never encountered any illegals on my many deer hunts there (though I have found their sign, empty water bottles, discarded clothing, trash, etc. many times) I know plenty of people who have.

Many of the ranchers and friends I know down there have thrown up their hands and grudgingly accepted that illegals crossing their ranches and heading north for San Antonio are a fact of life in South Texas, and that they will keep coming. On one ranch that I hunted regularly for years, just 10 miles from the border, the guys lock all their buildings if they are to be gone for more than a few days, but they leave bottles of water and some food outside by the door. “Better than them breaking in and taking it all,” they say.

Story goes on to say that the Border Agents reportedly told and Rove and the other hunters, “We need help. We don’t have enough resources. We need more assistance and the border is not safe.”