GA hailey 1Today’s guest blog is from Georgia hunter Hailey Green, who shot this beautiful 175-class 12-pointer last October. This young lady not only loves to hunt deer, but she also cherishes the opportunity to hunt with family and enjoy the land and all of God’s wonderful creations. It doesn’t get any better than that. Great story and proud of you Hailey!

On October 21, 2014 my brother, Hunter, and I went hunting for the first time by ourselves. Not too long into the hunt, a 10-point buck stepped out into the food plot, but he lay down before I could get a shot. At one point I yelled at him but he wouldn’t stand up. I did almost everything I could think of and he still didn’t move. Finally he did stand up, and I was able to take the shot. That was a great hunt, and I said that after that, I would go hunting on October 21 each year. October 21st would always be a special day.

Fast-forward to last year, October 21, 2015. I went to a plot where we had some deer, and one really big buck, on our Plotwatcher camera. I had a good hunt and saw some small bucks but nothing to shoot.

Two days later my brother and I went back, and got to the stand about 5:00 pm. The first deer we saw was a doe. I knew my family needed some more deer meat, so I wanted to shoot her. I texted my dad and he said to wait, it was still early. Soon she got run off by a small 8 point that came out. The doe circled around the field, came right up behind my stand and saw me. I thought she was about to blow at me and run off all the deer in the area but thank God she never did.

About 6:45ish, I saw a deer walking out from one of the fingers that run up into the woods. I couldn’t tell if it was a doe or buck so I looked through my binoculars. As soon as I saw him, I quickly put down my binoculars and picked up my rifle. I was shaking so badly because I knew this deer was bigger than anything I had ever seen or shot before.

He wouldn’t stand broadside for me to get a shot, so I studied his rack until he did. I recognized the kicker on the left side of his rack, and realized this was the big deer that we had on camera! I never dreamed he would actually come to the food plot that I was hunting while I was there! When he gave me a good shot, my scope was bouncing around too much. I pulled back and said a quick prayer, and the next time he turned broadside, I shot. He dropped in his tracks.

These two hunts were great because both times it was just my brother, Hunter, and me. I definitely owe him a lot of the credit–I guess he is good luck. I am thankful I have a dad that has taught me the value of deer hunting—that it is not just about the sport of hunting, but also using the deer meat as well. I am thankful we have a good place to hunt and enjoy God’s beautiful creations together.—Hailey Green

GA hailey 2