NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President


On Friday the NRA endorsed Donald Trump for President. This early endorsement of Trump (in a presidential election year, the NRA typically waits until much later in the fall to endorse a candidate) reveals how important the gun-rights organization feels this election will be.

In a statement, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox said: “The stakes in this year’s presidential election could not be higher for gun owners. If Hillary Clinton gets the opportunity to replace Antonin Scalia with an anti-gun Supreme Court justice, we will lose the individual right to keep a gun in the home for self-defense. …  So the choice for gun owners in this election is clear. And that choice is Donald Trump.”

Moments after accepting the endorsement, Trump spoke to a gathering of NRA members at the organization’s annual meeting in Louisville, KY and said 3 things that you as a gun owner need to remember:

“Crooked Hillary is the most anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment candidate,” he said. “She wants to take your guns away from you, just remember that.”

He took it further, saying, “Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment.”

To all of us Trump said, “I will not let you down.”

It’s no secret that Hillary has been anti-gun for decades, but as the socialist Bernie Sanders continues to drag her further and further left, she has increased up her hateful rhetoric on guns and our gun rights even more.

I began my career working at the NRA 30 years ago. I am a proud life member of the NRA, and have followed the #2A debate closely ever since. To my mind, there is little doubt that for us gun owners this is the most important presidential election in history.

The NRA’s endorsement of Donald Trump is major because gun owners vote and vote in numbers. If you are not an NRA member join now.


4 thoughts on “NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President

  1. The choice is a no brainer for me, I’ll vote for Trump and my right to keep my guns. Meanwhile, the Dem’s are worried about which bathroom .05 percent of the population is going to use. And then they still can’t get that right. These are some sad days we live in now. That’s why we better keep our guns, one day we might need them for something else besides plinking and hunting.

  2. Here we go again along time ago i was told by an old wise man two things at deer camp u don’t discuss politics and religion. This website half the time is politics now why? First of all I heard the same stuff 8 years ago when Obama was running for President and at this time I can buy the same if not more guns then I could before he got elected oh wait I might I have to pass a back ground check. If u can’t pass a background check u should not be buying a gun. Next for you die hard republicans this might be a hard pill for u to swallow u couldnt beat Obama not once but twice what makes u think u can beat Hillary not going to happen. Lastly I don’t c all u hard core hunters from indiana rant raving how your republican boy pence brought in high powered rifles this year after we petition and voted it down last year he just gets through the general assembly and no one bags and eye I hope all the news people report all the bullets flying through people’s houses next year maybe then we can get back to normal. Bottom line there isn’t a good candidate out of the bunch I wish someone would run on the American ticket someone who would care for americans best interests they would get my vote

  3. Hopefully all of Hillary’s (and Bill’s too, for that matter) illegal and controversial behaviors will catch up to her in time and she won’t even be the Dem’s candidate. She is perhaps the wickedest woman in the history of the United States of America. How anyone could vote for her is beyond me.

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