Deer Season 2016: What Kind of Year Do You Predict in Your State?

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My friend sent me this fascinating photo from his farm in Canada. He’s been watching the buck on the right all summer, and the 6×6 on the left just showed up. “Good sign,” he texted, “cause the really big ones up here generally don’t show up until late October.”

BTW, since I received this picture smack in the middle of the Rio Olympics, I caption it:

Whitetail Olympics, Synchronized Feeding, the Canada bucks take the gold!

I am heartened to see the nice bucks up North, where the 2015 winter was relatively mild. After some lean times, I think this could be the best rack season in years in western Canada.

How about where you live and hunt? What kind of rack year do you expect? What predictions are you hearing from your state’s wildlife agency? What kind of bucks are showing up on you and your friends’ trail cameras?

Please let me know below because I’ll be putting together a pre-season prediction blog on the upcoming 2016 season, and your specific info will help me out.

(Hint: From what I’m seeing and hearing early, this has the potential to be the best buck season across America since 2010.)

2 thoughts on “Deer Season 2016: What Kind of Year Do You Predict in Your State?

  1. Mike that’s great news that most of the country has a great outlook for growth potential this year. Unfortunately here in Arizona I believe the growth is down just a bit, this same time last year bucks seemed to be well ahead of where they are at currently and I think this mainly has to do with having such a dry summer. Last year was phenomenal for rain which in turn had growth booming for the coues. This year every tank in the high desert area I hunt was dry until August when we finally got some much needed relief from the monsoons. I speak with a lot of guides and outfitters who have told me that up north on the famous Kaibab Strip there aren’t as many bucks over 200″ as last year. Now that’s not to say there won’t be some amazing deer coming out of AZ as there is sure to be plenty of great deer, but here it’s just not going to be as good as last year from everything I hear and have observed personally so far. Can’t wait to see the monsters fall around the country! Archery Season opened this weekend here and will run for 2.5 more weeks before it shuts down September 8th. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

  2. I wasn’t getting anything but a few little bucks here and there for a month. Same thing with a few other people around here that I’ve been talking to. Then all of a sudden some decent bucks started showing up on my cameras and other guys as well. So far looks to be an average rack year, I haven’t noticed anything too out of the ordinary

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