Top 5 Deer Hunting States

3 big bucks 2016 3

Number of antlered bucks (1.5 years and older) harvested in the 2015 season:

Texas                             290,590

Michigan                        191,608

Wisconsin                     152,701

Georgia                         142,346

Pennsylvania                 137,580


Number of does harvested in 2015:

Texas                             157,247

Georgia                          220,503

Pennsylvania                 178,233

Alabama                         171,123

Wisconsin                      159,034

Source: QDMA Whitetail Report 2017

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Deer Hunting States

  1. I live in Pennsylvania own a couple farms here and trust me if I did not have my own land to hunt would not buy a tag at all. Once the top state nationwide for deer with the exception of maybe Texas our herds have been mismanaged for 20 years now. We have a 3 point rule in most o the state an that has improved antler size as a rule but deer numbers are depressed. Do not let antler deer kill numbers mislead you 70% of all deer are taken on private land.

  2. I’d say majority of those Michigan bucks are 1.5 years. The state it starting to introduce some antler restrictions in certain areas finally but we are still way off what we could be. Notice how Michigan drops right off top 5 with the does kills. For some reason a lot of Michigan hunters would rather shoot a spike or a fork than a nice fat doe. We have way to many doe in alot of areas and hunters need to understand they need to manage them better.

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