Minnesota Bowhunter Kills 320-Pound Buck!

MN leif 1

Hi Mike: This deer might not have a monster rack but I thought you would appreciate the sheer size of it! I arrowed this 10-point buck on public land in Minnesota in October. The brute field-dressed at 260 lbs. Then I weighed the guts too, and added that in for a total of 320 pounds! You can read the full story here. Thanks, Leif

Wow, that’s a pig! On public land impressive, way to go man!

MN leif 3

One thought on “Minnesota Bowhunter Kills 320-Pound Buck!

  1. The notorious P-I-G!!! Congrats. And, honestly, that rack isn’t too shabby really. Remember, nets are only for fish…and volleyball…and basketball…and…

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