Hot Tactic Now: Hunt Where Rutting Bucks Travel

sd sioux falls buck 2008In Oklahoma researchers fitted bucks with GPS collars and monitored their movements.

They found that in early fall, most bucks stick to small core areas and have a maze of crisscross patterns.

But from late October through November, those same bucks showed longer and more linear movements. The researchers surmised that by traveling in straighter lines, bucks can cover more country faster, and maximize their chances of contacting estrus does.

To capitalize this season, as bucks begin to roam farther and in straighter patterns, expand your hunt area, too. Scout and hang more stands in long, linear travel corridors, like river bottoms and long ridges. Rotate hunt those stands for a week and you’ll see bucks on the move.

One thought on “Hot Tactic Now: Hunt Where Rutting Bucks Travel

  1. Flat land by us. Not much for river bottoms and ridges. Lots of crop fields and wood lots. I like to look for bottle necks , pinch points , and travel routes between beding a food sources. I have a stand just off of a bedding area that is typically money this time of year. Hope we can capitalize soon !

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