Central Virginia Drop-Tine Buck!

Va ethan drop club 6Ethan said: “Mike, I know you like a good drop tine buck. I do as well, and I finally made my dream come true in central Virginia! Big Old Dominion dropper went 23” wide!”

Yes, love me some drop tine, especially an old main-frame 6 with a big drop club like this! And sure love me a big old Virginia buck! Congrats man thanks for sharing.

One thought on “Central Virginia Drop-Tine Buck!

  1. Man, Virginia is home of the hogs. Why you go to the MW Hanback? LOL! Congrats Ethan. Generally when you hear “main frame 6″ it doesn’t get one excited. But, 23″ Wide with drop club and stickers for character??!! SHOOTER!!!!!

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