Best & Worst States for Gun Owners

Guns & Ammo has built a list of the best (and worst) places to be a gun shooter/hunter. They based their criteria on state firearms laws, concealed carry, etc.

As you might expect New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California ranked dead last.

Best gun states were Arizona, Alaska, Utah, Kentucky and Vermont (a mild surprise to me).

My native Virginia ranked a disappointing 24, though I do not feel my rights as a gun owner have been squeezed in recent years, even though our state is becoming more liberal.

Click here to read the list and see where your state ranks.

One thought on “Best & Worst States for Gun Owners

  1. #49, lovely NJ. I seems to suck, but in reality I just dont know any better. I have lived with these laws my whole life. I am the proud owner of shotguns, long rifles, pistols and an AR. 15 round always seemed enough for me, because we just dont have a lot of land to shoot. My friends and I say Gun Control is more of a mental (background check) issue, then a physical (shot capacity) issue.

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