Hunters: Chlorophyll For Scent Control?


Chlorophyll pills are sometimes prescribed to people with extreme bad breath or body odor. Some people use chlorophyll for detoxification, which is in vogue with the hip crowd today.

About 30 years ago hunters picked up on this, and started using chlorophyll pills in an effort to help eliminate human odor at the metabolic level. Hunters also chewed gum containing chlorophyll to cut down on breath odor.

I wonder if the green tablets or gum really worked for hunter scent control? Probably not, because you don’t see it or hear about it much anymore. Did any of you ever try the pills or gum?

I never did, it just seemed over the top to me. My scent control has always been simple and remains so to this day. Shower and stay as clean as possible, spray down with Scent Killer Gold each day, work the wind as best you can and hunt like hell.

3 thoughts on “Hunters: Chlorophyll For Scent Control?

  1. Never used them. Probably won’t. Can’t risk confusing the green pills with the blue! :)

  2. Back in the 70′s the late Tink Nathan sold these green pills and I used them for a year or two …BUT! I also tried Skunk Screen sold thru a Texas company, imagine mixing the two bottles that the Skunk Screen came in together and putting that up wind of you for a cover scent! Has anyone else used or even seen skunk scent on the market? all it did was alert every game animal in the area an get you seated by the men’s room at the diner.

  3. I remember my Dad and uncles talkinking about this stuff, gum included. Not sure if they tried it or not. Those were the same days when they put their hunting clothes in plastic garbage bags with leaves, sagebrush, and dirt months before season.

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