Back in early July Danny sent this picture of a big 10-pointer that showed up on his hunting property. “Hopefully he hangs around for a few more months,” Danny wrote. I said it will be to fun to track this buck and see if Danny gets a crack at him.

md dannny 10 can

Update from Danny:

Mike, here is what the 10-point has turned into.  WOW! I snapped this photo with my phone from my picture viewer. Unfortunately all the pics I got of him last week were between 12:00 am and 5:15 am. I’m hoping he goes back to evening activity by the time our September bow opener comes around. This picture is 20 yards from one of my stands!

Beautiful buck, the symmetry of that rack is striking, right out to the upturned beams. Virtually no deductions. Good luck Danny, keep us posted!

Danny wants to know what you guys think this buck will score?