John Rogers sent me this on our Mike Hanback—BIG DEER Facebook page:

“Another Hurricane Sandy buck. Killed Monday in Maine. Dressed 208 lbs. (my) third 200-plus buck in a row.”

In Maine, it’s more about a buck’s maturity and body weight than it is about antlers, with 200-lbs. (dressed) being the benchmark, though I point out that John’s buck has a killer rack and brow tines for a North Woods buck. Great job buddy!

The fact that this buck was kill during the East Coast super storm of 2012 is more impressive yet.

Come to find out that when I hunted in Maine in November 2011, I was very close to John’s camp where he shot this giant. He said, “If you’re ever up this way again tell the boys to bring you over for a cold drink and some Big Deer BS.”

I’m gonna take him up on that.